Located in Black Mountain NC, At Cindi's Sacred Garden you will find our skillful hands have Traditionally created Certified *Ecocert* Organic & Natural products for your Mind, Body & Spirit. Since 1997 We have enjoyed pursuing our passion to bring to you our truly Natural/Organic Skin Food and Fresh Earth Medicines. Following our Traditional ways, some Native American, some passed down through Generations of Folk teachings and many learned from those who have the same intent. Humbly...We have become Traditional makers of Organic & Naturally crafted Wholesome Freshly poured Natural Soaps, Organic Healing Salves, Freshly dried harvested Teas, Fresh Plant Tinctures, Shea Body Butters, Creamy Lotions, and so much more!

Using the Proper Traditional way to make our Organic Healing products we take great pride in our research and respect for our Elders who have continued to pass down these teachings to share with others. We hope you not only find our website educational but also to fall in love with our healing skin & good health products that bring such pleasure and healing to your life and those around you.

Cindi along with her Native Sister's are pouring fresh each week to ensure Quality & Freshness. We are a family business and are teaching the next 7th generation the medicinal way! Brew up a nice cup of Herbal Tea and enjoy our site!

Cindi & Family


Weekly Specials

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