Arnica Montana DMSO salve

Arnica Montana DMSO salve

Item# arnica-montana-deep-tissue-salve-with-dmso
This is an amazing Salve!

We infused our regular Arnica Deep Tissue Salve base with a 30% Solution of 99.9% Food Grade DMSO to help immediatly relieve aggravating symptoms, while delivering the known herbs for deep tissue concerns, quickly. Our human test studies have shown us in testing, that Arnica with DMSO can speed up what may take weeks or months too repair. These studies include Tennis Elbow, Lower back disc issues, Arthritis, Carpal tunnel, Muscle Spasms, Sprains, torn ligaments, After surgery healing (not on broken skin), Anti-inflammatory conditions, and more.

When applying this Salve with DMSO, and using your hands/fingers, you MUST have a clean hand/fingers (before putting them into the jar) and the skin area of application Clean. As mentioned above, DMSO is transdermal and will pull deeply into the skin, the herbs and anything near it to the area of concern. Massage therapists share with me, how much more flexible their hands are after application! We encourage you, to allow your hands to sink the Arnica w/DMSO in for 15 minutes, and then wash them well with soap. After an application to other areas, please WASH your hands with soap after application. Another form of excellent application of the Salve is with gloves or cotton swabs, please use clean gloves or cotton swabs with each application. A small amount of Salve spreads easily and to large areas.

Arnica with DMSO has shown us to help with: Severe pain areas, including hips, lower disc troubles, arthritis, sprains, muscle tension and more. It is FAST in its delivery, Easing your pain, well, almost immediately while opening up the blood vessels to increase your circulatory system and creating an avenue for the Arnica and facilitating herbs to do the work, quickly. Our Testers were not only amazed but impressed at how quickly the pain subsided and the shorter healing time to the areas of concern.

We offer this in a 4 oz size only at this time. For extra savings, we offer 2 for extra savings!

$21.00 each or 2 for $33.60
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