Estro Balancing-Black Cohosh Tincture

Estro Balancing-Black Cohosh Tincture

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Estro Balancing Black Cohosh Tincture

We harvest ethically Black Cohosh in fall months when her potency at the peak, we also distribute back to Mother Earth her seeds, we carefully take care of our Woman's medicine, ensuring many more good harvests while not taking more than we need! Black Cohosh has been used for many moons by Native American's to treat a host of symptoms, primarily being Peri-Menopause & Menopause. We love the simple fact that you do not need to take medicine tinctures every day, in fact, you use when You need! Not like conventional medicine that not only has you taking a daily pill or wearing a patch with synthetic hormones from Horses urine that is not done with any respect nor the fact that it is synthetic!! We know that using a plant estrogen is Naturally what it should be. Our Tincture can help very quickly ease Hot Flashes, Mood disorders, and Sleep Disturbances. When taken 20 minutes before bed (usually the time when flashing is disrupting) you can find yourself peacefully being lulled into a good nites sleep, feeling GREAT in the morning.

When used often during hard flushing, you will notice a decrease within a few days. Our Tincture is made in grain alcohol, so if you are sensitive just place 1 dropper full into 1 oz of warm water and alcohol dissipates. Grain Alcohol extracts the plant medicine properties to give you the assistance needed. Powerful Earth-based Medicine! . Plant Medicine that you adjusts to YOUR needs!

Our Case Study: We will call this person "Ann" to protect their name. Ann had surgical menopause at 28 yrs of age due to cervical cancer. Mother had breast cancer. No Western HRT's were allowed for this patient. Early 40's brought the onset of Osteopenia (early Osteoporosis). Ann started Black Cohosh Tincture for Hot Flashes, sleep troubles. Estro Creme taken daily for when needed to even out hormones and also used vaginally to ease Atrophy. Blood drawn on complete Hormonal panel, FSH & Thyroid at 47 years of age, Blood tests show normal stages of Peri-menopause, Normal Estrogen & Estradiol (sex hormone) levels for a woman who would normally go through her stages of life, no signs of surgically induced menopause. Ann is at a healthy weight and feels young at heart & body!

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