Fresh Elderberry Elixir Cold/Flu Syrup

Fresh Elderberry Elixir Cold/Flu Syrup

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Excellent Natural Spring Allery Relief Syrup! We find out customers use 1-2 tsp daily to help nip seasonal allergies to the curb!

Not your Average Elderberry Syrup! We do not use any chemicals or alcohol to preserve our Organic Syrup, and we look at the broader spectrum of adding other facilitating herbs that we traditionally harvest and understand the synergy of a powerful blend. Our Fresh Elderberry Syrup is not only delicious, but it is thick in nature do the local raw honey and can nicely coat the parched throat during a cold. Cough or congestion. Children over the age of 1, will also enjoy the taste and ease to take. We have been told many times, this is the BEST Elderberry Syrup they have ever tasted and beneficially used. We have been making our Fresh Elderberry Syrup for well over a decade!

Made with Certified Organic Herbs of:

*Elderberries & Elderberry Flowers ~Excellent Immune health *Echinacea Roots ~Cold/Flu Immune care *Astragalus Root is an adaptogen herb and is known to build/increase immunity. *Boneset * Breaks the fever *White Willow Bark ~ for Flu aches and body pains *Marshmallow Root ~ Anti-Inflammatory *Licorice Root ~ Preventive treatment of immune-response deficiency & sore throat care *Rose hips ~ Richest source of Vitamin C *Elecampane Root ~ Lung and cough helper *Ginger root ~stimulates digestion and also is known to boost immunity *Raw local honey ~ sore throat care and as a base for our elixir

Perfect to ward of a cold when taken daily as a preventive, or to shorten the life of colds/flu. We use Local Honey that is Naturally produced in Western North Carolina without pesticides or antibiotics, our honey is unheated and unfiltered, leaving intact its amazing nutritional composition.

**Must be kept refrigerated after opening** no chemicals or alcohol is used to preserve.

This is freshly made and is in its purest form. Excellent to have during cold/flu season. Our Customers agree that their colds are shortened when taken on the onset of cold/fever 3-4 tablespoons daily, and as a preventive (taken daily 1 tsp. Most find to ward off winter colds/flu)


Please refrigerate immediately when you receive your package. **Best used within 6-8 months.

*Our Elderberry Syrup is a traditional way to help those who will or are experiencing seasonal allergies by early tree pollen by minimizing the effects while boosting your immune system to stay strong and more tolerant of environmental allergies.**

Our 10.1 fluid ounces makes a perfect size for a family of 3 for a preventive (1 tsp daily) or when the Cold/Flu arrives unexpectedly at your home at 3 - 5 tablespoons daily to help your duration ease-out quicker. Packaged in Amber Glass Bottle.
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