Immune booster challenge

Immune booster challenge

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We have a "Take the Immune Booster Challenge" Special that runs from 8/12 till 8/15 With school resuming, we see the increase of early colds/flu bugs circulating within households and those even without children. Heading to the grocery store? boost your immune system! Germ bugs linger everywhere surface is available (doors, shopping carts, mail, cash, public bathrooms and so forth).

Take the Challange to Boost your Immune system now to help ward off early germ bugs and protect your immune systems as we head into fall/winter.

*Elderberry Syrup -Take 1 tsp daily internally to help boost your immunity to germs. 10.3 oz Regular price $20.99

*Turmeric Powerhouse blends offers not only a wonderful immune boost but also works with healing the gut, which is important for your good health & immune system. 3.4 oz Regular-priced $16.00

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