Meditate Grande Bath Bomb

Meditate Grande Bath Bomb

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Bathing rituals are known all around the world for centuries as a way to allow the Mind Body & Spirit to arrive back to a place of complete centeredness, calmness and a sense of any physical relief.

We choose our ingredients to be of the finest for your experience to unwind, release and reconnect with your peace of mind, body, and Spirit.

Meditate Grande Bath Bomb is Cindi's special design. Made for those in need of not only Physical relief of deep body tension, aches and pains but also a way to ease the mind of worries and concerns, A 20-minute soak is all you need to achieve this for a peaceful full sleep or to make your day smooth. With our own hand-picked harvest of own Blue Ridge St. John's wort and infused to perfection, we choose this to be our oil base to assist those in deeper needs.

Essential Oils of Warm and Earthy Ginger provides the ancient way to help not only the physical body in the release of tension but also acts for those who might have a lingering cold that has caused the body to "ache". India's finest Turmeric Essential oil becomes our middle base, excellent anti-inflammatory to your entire body and the hint of Vanilla Absolute to sweeten the blend. This blend is blissful to the Mind, Body & Spirit and reminds us of ancient temples and sacred ceremonies.

We roll our Meditate Bath Bombs in crushed Pure Ancient Magnesium Flakes for your extra need of Magnesium. This may help with deeper sleep, Leg cramps, stomach troubles and more calm to the entire vessel.

Our Grande Bath Bomb is 7 oz and perfect for Garden bathtubs, and your need for one special soak. Packaged in white tulle makes this easy to drop in bathtub and discard tulle afterward with herbs inside.

Ingredients: Sodium Barcarbonate, Citric Acid, GMO-FREE Cornstarch, Organic Hempseed Oil, St. John's Wort Oil, Essential oils of Ginger, Turmeric Oil and Vanilla Absolute. Magnesium Flakes, Organic Calendula petals to soften your skin.
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