Organic Turmeric Powerhouse Powder

Organic Turmeric Powerhouse Powder

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$16.00, 2/$28.00
Our very simple way of adding into our daily lives the most needed Powerful Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, adaptogens to support good immune health and for deep healthy vitality of life. May assist when taken daily with season allergies

Welcome our blend of Organic Turmeric with the perfect compliment of Organic Black Pepper to deliver much need help with an inflamed body. We boost our blend to also help support your immune system and easy digestion of Turmeric.

By adding 1 tsp daily to a healthy smoothie, juice or supplement you can start to enjoy more free movement of your body while taking care of your immune system too!

This blend also makes a perfect Golden Milk for children to enjoy. Many kids and moms say it tastes like pumpkin pie!

NOW IN 3.5 oz, 21 heaping Teaspoons in each pouch

Perfectly blended to ensure your intake of Turmeric is properly taken with: Organic Black Pepper Ashwahaganda Adoptagen/Immune Supporter Cardamon Cinnamon for flavor & easy digestion.
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