3.4 oz Organic Whipped Skin Food*

3.4 oz Organic Whipped Skin Food*

Item# organic-whipped-skin-food
This is absolutely a year-round treatment for keeping your biggest organ of the body (SKIN) Soft, moisturized and healthy. We recommend this Organic Skin Food for any type of skin! Daily use produces skin that is smooth, non-dry, easy to just simply love!

Our Butters are freshly made weekly and whipped to a creamy silky consistency. Added benefits of 100% Certified Organic Coconut Oil is simply the Best treatment for your skin. Using Both Shea & Coconut, the two plant oils work together beautifully to moisturize and heal the skin, head to toe.

This is the one for you!

Excellent for Sun worshipers, Mature Skin, Skin troubles, soften Feet, Cuticle repair and can be used as a weekly deep hair conditioner. When Used after the daily bath you will notice an improvement in skin elasticity, texture, and smoothing of the wrinkled skin.

Got a scent in mind? CUSTOMS ORDERS PLEASE EMAIL US: admin@cindissacredgarden.com for customized scents

**During the Summer Months with temps over 80 degrees, we will freeze your skin butter before shipping to help secure the integrity of melt-able coconut oil. If you find your whipped skin butter melted upon delivery, please place in the refrigerator to allow the butter to solidify.

LILAC VANILLA: Lilac-Vanilla is your Soft, romantic, blissful blooms of lilacs and hints of our best vanilla absolute, divine scents for your bathing rituals. Vanilla Absolute is warm, sweet, comforting scent that is hard to mistake with memories, blended with our Lilac Phthalate-free/paraben free fragrance, is a magical scent of sweet love.

COCONUT LAVENDER: Creamy Coconut Scent blends absolutely divine with our finest French Lavender and a hint of Vanilla Absolute!

FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH: Deeply meditative aroma's of the ancient "gold" of Frankincense & Myrrh

ROSEMARY LAVENDER: Herbaceous Rosemary and floral Lavender is a beautiful treat to the senses and skin

SPIRIT LIFT :#1 Seller Ruby & Pink Grapefruits delights you with the bright, sweet and fresh zest of the citrus fruit, while Lemongrass assists with invigorating and astringent qualities. We anchor our lovely bright blend with Amyris, a West Indian Sandalwood for the mild sweetly balsamic dry down note.

PURE HARMONY: Soothing Essential oil of our finest Lavender, gentle and calming.

UNSCENTED: Perfect for sensitive skin, or those who have sensitivities to scent.

PATCHOULI DREAMS: Avail Only in 6.3-ounce size

*Skin food name patent pending
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