Pain Relief

By choosing Herbal Medicine over Western practices, ie..(OTC Over-the-Counter, or Pharmaceutical) you are facilitating Herbal Medicine, and for some, it just takes a bit longer, which could just be part of your bodies way of healing. By leaning towards Herbal Medicine, you and your Spirit are receiving the & whole source, not a chemical or synthetic machine made medicine that generally has a list long of side effects! Herbal Medicine is effective and supports good organ health. Other Healing choices we include in our own journey are Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Reiki, Energy work, Nutritional counseling & Exercise as a healthy outlet, such as Yoga, Hiking or Gardening.

Regardless of what place you connect within your body, finding your journey to personal peace & fulfillment is what Alternative/Whole-listic Healing offers, and Traditional Medicine is a good start! Nurture yourself while you are repairing, use gentleness with your thoughts, while always giving thanks for the good medicine that has arrived just for you!

Traditional Medicine embodies all aspects of your being and is not about just treating symptoms but truly embracing you as a whole, in Mind, Body & Spirit. For every physical ailment there is an emotion associated, and by treating your being as a whole with so much more than a prescription ...Healing is knocking at your door!

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