Pure Magnesium Oil Spray - Super Concentrated

Pure Magnesium Oil Spray - Super Concentrated

Item# pure-magnesium-oil-spray--super-concentrated
Fast acting to help ease both muscle and nerve pain, found to work excellent on muscle cramps, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, feet cramps & neuropathy pain. Every cell in our bodies depends on magnesium, for good bone health, muscle health, and joint health, along with a reduction in stress and optimal sleep patterns.

In our Magnesium Oil Spray, Super Concentrated as a transdermal spray application (spray on), provides more accurate immediate relief then over the counter gel caps.

Wonderful to spray on before bedtime to ease cramps, aches, and also help induce deeper sleep. You may notice the first few applications of a light sting to the skin when applying, and over time that will diminish.

Similar to our Magnesium Lotion, our Spray is Super Concentrated to reach deeper levels of intensity.

Research has also shown those with adult acne, respond well to facial applications, though keep out of eye areas.

4.3 ounces
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