ReAwaken in PET Jar

ReAwaken in PET Jar

Item# reawaken-in-pet-jar
ReAwaken is the perfect ideal for Mature/Skin & sun damaged skin

Using Organic ingredients that naturally boost skin loving Vitamins & nutrients to your delicate facial skin while providing much-needed moisture to keep the skin healthy and vibrant!

Working with our own bodies production of Hyaluronic acid, which keeps our skin tight, with elasticity, and as we age in our maturity, our body naturally loses the ability to produce Hyaluronic acid to protect and keep your skin young and youthful.

We have found a beautiful compliment of Hawaiian Algae along with a powerful Hyaluronic acid blend, that in research fields & scientific testing, provides time-release advanced technology while activating all day natural moisturizing, plumping of the finer skin tissues and a feeling of nourishment your skin desires.

Most sought out Argileine is added to the formula, which is speedy in helping the skin feel tight and younger.

Ingredients: Aqua, Certified Organic*: Sunflower Oil, Certified Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, MCT Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Kosher Glycerine. Emulsifier, Hawaiian Sea Kelp, Optiphen, HYA 1%, Hyalurosome, Botanical Vitamin Blend, Extracts of Green tea & caffeine, Essential Oils of: Turmeric Oil & Dark Myrrh.

Perfect 5 for pH balanced skin!! What can we say, AMAZING!!!

Our Benefits include: ~Natural Product ~ No CHEMICALS ~Excellent Moisturizer ~Protects skin cells against UV radiation ~Stimulates fibroblast growth & collagen integration ~Promotes healing & reduces discoloration of scars ~Stimulates immune defense & Anti-inflammatory responses. ~Helps reduce extrinsic signs of aging ~ non-invasive treatment of wrinkles

After an 8-week clinical study showed skin elasticity increased.

Major smoothing effect; Deeply penetrates into the epidermis Now offering ReAwaken in PET jar for less cost! The jar is PET USA made, and Blue cobalt color. 2 oz
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