Our 100% Organic Salves have been made for many centuries and are made to help target specific conditions. source..Native Plants & their Medicines. The more ingredients in a salve purchased at local stores or online, the less chance for the target. ~ We use only 100% Certified Organic Virgin Olive Oil as our Main Base Ingredient which is extremely moisturizing with bonus natural Vitamin E & K, Polyphenols (anti-inflammatory), Squalene (protected layer to the skin) & is RICH in Anti-oxidants.

~Our Herbs are Certified 100% Organic with High "Green & Eco" friendly and Traditionally Harvested in a Sacred Manner by Cindi & family.

~ Our Essential Oils are of Purest Grade. Certified with Certified lab testing to be pure and clean, free of being adulterated, are Organic and Phthalate Free/ for more info read here:

Our Organic Salves are poured freshly and in small batches to ensure Excellent Quality and long lasting shelf life. Please keep your salves in a cooler environment and out of the sun or moist heat (such as in the bathroom cabinet).

~Our Salves contain NO: Petroleum products, Chemicals, Harsh Preservatives, Fragrances, Alcohol & NO GMO's!!

We support & encourage: Native American Agricultural Practices, Organic Agriculture, Organic Farmers, Sustainability Projects & Organic Education!!

* The following below statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your medical professional before use.
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