Skin to Bone- Heal All Salve 2 oz

Skin to Bone- Heal All Salve 2 oz

Item# skin-to-bone-heal-all-salve
We gathered carefully after the morning dew our lovely Organic Calendula from our gardens during the warm summer months, along with Plantain leaves & gentle Mullein Flowers, we then slowly infused this healing oil to bring forth a beautiful gentle non-essential oil herbal salve for your skin.

Skin to Bone Salve is our Heal All Salve, the healing properties of Calendula help to speed up skin cell replacement during the time of skin troubles, from minor rashes, burns (including radiation), to skin infections, sores, chafed skin, scars, bottom baby helper and supreme after surgery healing.

This one salve can provide many different application ideas to help easily speed up skin recovery.

Adding in our hand harvested Plantain leaves & freshly picked Mullein flowers helps to keep the skin soft and adds a deeper level of faster relief. Infused in Organic Virgin Olive Oil and beeswax to make it a true salve.

2 oz

Testimonial: My daughter suffers from eczema and we have used prescription meds for her for years. However, we have noticed that if she is able to catch it before it gets big, and adds this product, she avoids a larger breakout. It's an amazing product. C.Collins
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