Give your skin a try with our Nutrient Rich Hand Poured Soaps, Organic skin food for your largest organ. We use No Palm Oil in our soaps to help save our Rainforests and endangered species, Nor do we use any GMO Oils in our soaps. We offer our soaps made with Certified Organic & Organic Oils. We are very conscious of our water tables, lakes, streams, environment. You can use our soaps in any body of water. No Chemicals, GMO's, Phthalates, or Parabens.

Freshly poured handmade & cured properly means you will have QUALITY with FRESH ORGANIC ingredients, natural bubbles with no harsh chemicals to strip your natural skin of healthy oils. Our soaps are poured in small batches weekly so you will notice that not one bar of soap will look commercially made!

Each bar comes with its own personality, scent and personality of uniqueness, never is one bar the same. Please look at each soap, the ingredients are listed. We have a few **SHEA FREE** soaps for those who have allergies. Please be aware of your allergies when purchasing soaps so they fit your needs accordingly. We have given a lot of time, research and creative fun when we pour our Cold processed soaps. We hope you enjoy the lather with creamy conditioning after-feel of your skin with our Organic Soaps!!

*Each handcrafted batch of soaps will vary in color & design*


100% Organic & Certified Organic Oils of *Sunflower, Virgin Cold Pressed Olive, *Coconut & *Shea Butter, *Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Castor oil & Beeswax. Some Soaps contain No Shea Butter. * Denotes Organic or Certified Organic.

Organic Ingredients and Herbs & Top Quality Pure Essential Oils. Natural Clays & colorants.

Cold Processed soaps will last longer in your shower/bath if you keep them out of corners that collect water, and the area where air can circulate to keep them dry after use.

Each one is priced accordingly. We hope you enjoy! Each soap weighs in around 5.0 - 5.5 ounces, wrapped in shrink wrap cello for your personal protection.

Our Soaps contain NO DETERGENTS, NO SYNTHETICS & NO PETROLEUM, and we do not test on animals! Our Cold Processed soaps are environmentally safe!!
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