Super Concentrated Laundry Creme.... Temp out of Stock

Super Concentrated Laundry Creme.... Temp out of Stock

Item# super-concentrated-laundry-creme
This item is currently out of stock!

*Sandalwood & Pink Grapefruit essential oils impart an earthy & citrus aroma, beautiful blend! (We updated Sandalwood to include Pink Grapefruit).

*Citrus Splash essential oils are fresh, crisp and & bright scents of Ruby Red Grapefruit, Lime & Italian lemon

*Purely Natural is Unscented.

Environmentally friendly Laundry Alternative super concentrated creme for your healthy laundry needs! We started making our own laundry detergent for our home several years ago due to severe sensitivities to commercial store bought laundry detergent, even the ones that said Free n Clear; caused us distress to our endocrine systems.

The Problem with most Detergents is that they leave a residue on clothing that is absorbed by your skin and inhaled by your sent. Have you ever noticed walking past someone or when a dryer is in use, you can smell the detergent being used?

A sensitive person can be affected by the chemicals used in commercial laundry detergents such as skin or eye irritation to more serious concerns. The toxic chemicals found in laundry detergents present a danger to our water tables as well too.

A good laundry detergent cleanses the clothes and can easily be washed out of the clothes during the wash cycles and creates no harm to our water tables and environment.

Our Super Concentrated Laundry Creme is a smart choice! Packaged in a Pint size container you can get up to 30 loads.

This makes it convenient and easy to tote in travel, laundry mats, camping or just having space at your washer and dryer.

Made with 100% Coconut Oil Soap and then formulated with Washing Soda, Borax, Sodium percarbonate into a super concentrated creme. Only using 1 heaping Tablespoon for a regular wash machine and half of a full tablespoon for HE machines, Our Laundry Creme will work proficiently and cleanse your clothes without all the harsh chemicals!

15 oz with 30 Washes in each tub!
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