**We are moving our herbal teas into the best Rice Paper pouches that are truly compostable, green to our environment and fully approved by the food industry to keep your Herbal Teas as fresh and Vibrant as possible. You will notice during our transition, that some of your herbal teas are packaged in Rice Paper pouches (which are beautiful to look at) or in our brown pouches as we move them out. We sourced these lovely pouches at the cost that doesn't increase on you, our customer! 11/2018

Our Organic Herbal Medicinal Teas are freshly dried to our high standards in beautiful whole herb form. Cindi is a fine tea blender and her clients will let you know how delicious, fresh and potent they truly are!

At Cindi's Sacred Garden we care deeply about our plant nation in re-seeding native plants while harvesting, We know our Teas are the finest and full of potency, Plus the best nurturing way to your Spirit.

These Organic Herbal Teas are time-tested and have proved themselves to be a mighty source of nourishment to ones well-being. We make no health, therapeutic or nutritive claims, though many testimonies stand tall for these teas! We suggest you keep your herbal teas in a cool dry place. We like to offer our left-over steeped herbs to our plant nations, they enjoy these teas too as a form of fertilizer/compost!

Our Organic Herbal Teas are blended in small batches to ensure you Quality, Freshness & the Delightful taste of our Organic & Wild-crafted herbs in their whole beautiful form. You will find flowers, whole leaves, berries and barks blended to taste delightful but also wonderful to look. This process allows for less oxidation to occur, keeping the whole freshness intact & allowing these fine herbs to be of great service to you the Herbal Tea drinker!

Our Teas are so Fresh that you can and should & reuse the 1st run for a second run. Add fresh water into Pot or Cup bring to a lite brew, steep off heat and enjoy again!

**Offering your herbs to a outdoor plant, indoor plant or tree with thanksgiving for your medicine arriving from them, you are gifting them back! Not only in thought, but also in nutrients!

****See Below on instruction on how to: & Making a Delightful Pot or Cup of Tea

* The following below statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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